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ITV NEWS Feature - Frank's Thoughts on New Teen Skincare CRAZE

ITV NEWS Feature - Frank's Thoughts on New Teen Skincare CRAZE

Frank asked by ITV News to share his thoughts, as an industry expert & cosmetic formulator, on the new craze of teens using powerful actives & anti-ageing skincare 💣

See 2 versions below: a shortened one & full feature -

Short version (1m 25s)

Full feature (3m 6s)

The trend for teenagers wanting anti ageing products has taken many doctors by surprise, and is a big concern for those in the industry. 

In a statement, the British Association of Dermatologists said: "There are lots of skincare products out there which aren't suitable for children, either because they can be harmful or because they are unnecessary. 

Mum-of-two Sarah Turner, from Ilkley in West Yorkshire, says it is very tricky to navigate the skincare industry.

Her two daughters, 10 and 12, have both started becoming interested in skincare and asked for expensive products for Christmas.

But, with no age limit stopping children buying anti-ageing products, she said she has to work out what is and isn’t safe. 

She said: "It’s extremely difficult because it seems like you need a science degree to understand what is in them, especially if they aren’t products you’re using yourself. It is really hard.

She added: "It seems like a lot of the skin care products are being more marketed to the younger audience, with the brighter packaging and funky designs."

Frank's Remedies founder & cosmetic formulator, Kyle Frank shares his expert opinion & experience of using these powerful actives (mentioned in clip) as a teen. And how this led to the creation of our remedies, to help others who seek a kind to skin, natural solution to skin concerns.

Frank also advocates the safety around using harsh skincare not formulated for young teens, helping de-influence misleading skincare trends, alongside sharing the dangers that can happen.

Fellow expert, dermatologist Dr Andrew Kane says “It’s worrying to see so many kids diving into skincare routines that aren’t designed for them.”

"The skin of children is very different to that of an adult and this means that the skin barrier is more sensitive to the active ingredients in these products. It can expose children to products which can cause long term sensitivities or allergies."

Here are the list of skincare children should avoid (collectively said from specialists involved)

• Retinol (or anything with Vitamin A)
• Vitamin C
• Hydroxy acid
• Anti-ageing products
• Brightening products

What skincare is safe for teenage skin?

If you are a parent or teen looking for suitable skincare safe for young skin, Frank's Remedies are free of harsh chemicals that can upset or irritate skin, and our kind to skin approach helps tackle spot concerns naturally for a clear & healthy appearance 😊

The most popular routine is the ‘Ready Steady Clear Kit’ (As seen on BBC 1) which is part of an effective 3 step routine to cleanse, treat and moisturise morning & evening, this routine is particularly helpful for teenage skin prone to breakouts.

For a simple high performing skin routine, to promote clear, fresh skin, shop our 'Clearing Essentials' to cleanse & moisturise morning & evening. 

If you have any questions or need tailored advice, feel free to get in touch via email: | We love to hear from you!

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