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"Amazing results" - Sandra, UK Customer
"Miracle stuff" - Beverley, UK Customer
"The few spots I had dried up within a few days" - Bev, UK Customer
"My skin feels fresher and glows" - Gaynor, UK Customer
"So gentle on the skin" - Elizabeth, UK Customer

100% Vegan Skincare



✔️ Removes any impurities that remain on skin after cleansing & boosts hydration levels

✔️ Antibacterial properties help keep skin clean from harmful environmental pollutants

✔️ Balances skin pH & helps relieve feelings of irritation for your best looking & feeling skin

enriched with aloe vera juice, rose water + manuka flowers

antibacterial de-stress brightening hydrating

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This multi-functional wonder helps keep skin clean by gently cleansing away impurities & environmental pollution that can sit on skin & cause breakouts.

Pure plant juices help boost hydration levels & soothing botanicals helps reduce signs of stress like redness - for a pH balanced, clear & healthy complexion

50ml | 1.7 fl. oz

Natural benefits

• Witch Hazel Water - contains tannins, a natural astringent with antiviral properties, a recent study* showed it effectively eliminated 99% of the bacteria it came in contact with, helping keep your skin feeling clean, clear & fresh [conducted by the Department of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences of the University of Milan]

• Bulgarian Rose Water – chemical & alcohol free, helps reduce redness & relieve the discomfort of stressed, hormonal, breakout, acne prone concerns

• Balinese Organic Aloe Vera Juice – helps control stressed skin, while nourishing skin & restoring moisture levels for a bright, healthy appearance

• Egyptian Geranium floral water – known to help balance hormonal skin by balancing oil secretions, and maintaining a healthy skin pH

How to use

1. To use as a toner, after cleansing, close eyes & spritz 2-3 times onto face evenly, then wipe away any remaining impurities with a cotton pad
2. Spritz as needed throughout the day to help keep skin feeling clean, fresh & hydrated

*See 'Tips From Our Customers' for more uses!

Tips from customers

• Cooling during summer/high heat – spritz onto face to help eliminate bacteria & feel refreshed from sweaty, sticky heat

• High pollution environment (tube, city, abroad) – help keep skin clean from environmental pollutants that can sit on skin & cause breakouts by spritzing regularly

• After shaving - helps freshen pores, tone skin & relieve feelings of stress & irritation

• Skin freshening – use as many times through out the day to freshen & hydrate your complexion. Especially great when you want to feel skin confident before a meeting at work, seeing friends after a busy day, or after the gym etc.


Rosa damascena (Organic Rose) Flower Water, Aloe barbadensis Leaf Juice (Organic Aloe Vera), (Leptospermum scoparium (Manuka) Floral Water, Hamamelis virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water, Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) Floral Water, Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion) Flower Extract, Sodium benzoate & Potassium sorbate, Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), Citric acid.

'Works wonders for sensitive skin'

"This product works so well for my skin. Other toner's I've used in the past from other brands often breakout me out more, make my skin red and blotchy. I use it in the morning before applying the clearing face cream and it has really done wonders for my skin!" - Oliver, UK Customer

Social Impact - Your custom helps support school students

Our profits go into help funding, Frank's Glow Up Project. An AQA accredited in-school wellness program, helping address body image concerns & low self esteem for 11- 15 year olds - supporting them to be the best version of themselves! | Find out more

Accelerate results with:

Good to know

• Sustainable aluminium bottle helps keep product cool for a refreshing, soothing effect

• 100% natural & fragrance free - only crafted from organic plant juices & floral waters

• Free from GMO’s, parabens, mineral oils & harsh ingredients actives

• Tested on humans, not animals. Proudly crafted in the UK


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Your products are so amazing and work so well! my skin feels so healthy using your products compared to store bought!! Thank you

Gracie, UK
customer review

"I cannot get enough of this stuff!!!"

Brooke, UK
customer review

How does it work?

All our formulas focus on all 4 skin clearing stages simultaneously

This multi-benefit helps transform skin in a shorter period of time & help you attain the skin you've always wanted.

Balineese Aloe Juice

Known as an ancient skin healer, it has traditionally been used as a medicinal plant to treat wounds & burns. Absorbing into the skin like magic, it’s hydrating & moisturising powers help recondition with a clearing cocktail of bioactive antioxidants & vitamins A, B, C & E

Bulgarian Rose water

Direct from the famous Bulgarian Valley of Roses, our plant juice is chemical & alcohol-free, unlike the typical Rose water you will find in chemists which is typically preserved in alcohol.

This natural toner is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce skin redness, while hydrating & soothing the discomfort of acne.


How do the products work?

Our experience led formulas are crafted with nature and ancient wisdoms - using the Earth’s most effective ingredients that have demonstrated efficacy through thousands of years & are backed, and verified by extensive global research

How long does it take to see results?

Our customers have said to have seen a difference in their skin immediately after using, by looking more healthy in appearance. However, it normally takes 28 days for the skin to go through a full regeneration cycle to see optimum results

Can you use Frank’s Remedies underneath make up?

Absolutely, our customers do this & say it helps treat, protect and also minimise the effect make up can have on stressed / spot prone skin

Can I get free advice on what products are best for my skin?

Absolutely, Frank’s Remedies has a hotline for just this! Message a skin guide on WhatsApp: +44 7838 025541 or 


Concern: Hormonal breakouts Results in 2 1/2 months

Uses: Skin SOS Kit

“I never knew what to do when I started to get acne, it was a bit shocking as it came up all of a sudden. I love the products, and I am happy my skin is clear and I feel really confident now.” - Alana, 16, UK

Concern: Spot Prone Results in 2 months

Uses: Face Wash, Treatment gel, Moisturiser & Mask

"I had a lot of red spottish marks under my skin for years. I’ve been using franks remedies for about six months now and within the first two weeks all of the red marks surfaced. I washed with the miracle waters face wash every morning and every night as well as spritzed with the calming face spritz and I creamed with the clearing face cream (which actually does clear!) - Aysha, 20's, UK

Concern: Adult Acne Results in 2 weeks

Uses: Ready Steady Clear Kit

"Thank you! My skin has never been better for a long time. I am a man of 50 years and suffered with adult acne." - Paul, 50, UK

Concern: Oily/Congestion
Results in 2 months

Uses: Clearing Essentials Kit

“These remedies have been a saviour - the blemishes on my forehead are gone. Thank you so much for creating them, they help keep my skin in check and make my skin glow. Really quick and easy to use too.” - Alex, 22, UK


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Guided by experience

Stress skin specialist | Our formulations are crafted using ancient wisdoms, founder first-hand experience, with efficacy backed by ethnographic & scientific research

Ethical & responsible

100% vegan skincare. We craft waterless formulas (where suitable), with ethical & sustainable ingredient sourcing & fully recyclable or biodegradable packaging

Social impact

We support 11-15 year old students with mental wellness, through our AQA accredited in-school program. Along with helping to improve the lives of young people

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Works wonders for sensitive skin

This product works so well for my skin. Other toner's I've used in the past from other brands often breakout me out more, make my skin red and blotchy. I use it in the morning before applying the clearing face cream and it has really done wonders for my skin!


A really nice and gentle skin toner it goes perfectly with the Miracle Waters Face Wash, its lovely on my menopausal skin and male mature sensitive skin. HURRAH

Nice glow to my skin

When I used this mist as the final step in my skincare routine, I immediately noticed the very clean scent. I have very sensitive skin and my skin feels good. Love the way the amount it spritz, it's very light and refreshing! Left a very nice glow to my skin :)
I can honestly see myself buying this again, would recommend to anyone with any skin type, especially people with sensitive skin.

Love using this as a setting spray

I use this spritz to set my make up and it is so amazing, keeps everything in place and keeps my face nice through out the day. And I love the dewy look it gives and the fact it helps my skin!

Highly Recommend!

I bought this facial spritz for my son who has been suffering from acne for the past few years. After applying, he says it helps soothe his irritated skin and feels much calmer.
Also helped to reduce the appearance of redness.
He said it’s one of the best products he’s tried, so will defiantly be buying again.


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