Is Frank’s Remedies natural or organic?

Both! We use organic where possible. Some of the most effective ingredients Frank likes to use, such Amazonian Kaolin clay, is naturally formed and therefore can’t be classed as organic. We like to think of ourselves as Earth powered! 


Can you use Frank’s Remedies underneath make up?

Absolutely, our customers do this & say it helps treat, protect and also minimise the effect make up can have on the skin.


How long does it take for Frank’s Remedies products to work?

Our customers have said to have seen a difference in their skin immediately after using, by looking more healthy in appearance. However it normally takes 28 days for the skin to go through a full regeneration cycle to see optimum results

Please note, individual experiences/timescales with the products will be unique to each person and dependant on their current skin concerns.

Our founder also recommends adopting a healthy diet during this time, reducing high sugar foods and drinks. Instead cleanse the system drinking plenty of water. And if you don't already, try meditating before you sleep to reduce stress. Stress has been known to have an impact on your skin.


Can I get complimentary advice on my skin and what products would be good?

Absolutely, Frank’s Remedies has a hotline for just this! WhatsApp: +44 7838 025541 or email: skinguide@franksremedies.com  


What proof do you have that your products work?

Our products aim is to deliver results. Since launching, we’ve been so happy to hear and see all the positive skin transformations that people have had from using the products. While you’re here online, check out the customer skin transformation page where you can see before and after’s and get reviews from users of the products.


What are your ethics and standpoint on sustainability?

Kyle Frank, founder of Frank’s Remedies, is a huge advocate for sustainability and ethics. You can read about the philosophy and beliefs of the brand here.


Do you use synthetic fragrance in the products?

No and we never will. In Frank’s opinion; synthetic fragrance has no benefits for the skin and recognises the many ways it can upset it, causing it to flare.

The beautiful botanical smells in the Frank’s Remedies range is created from , plants, raw ingredients, extracts and essential oil blends*

*Essential oil blend - a blend of essential oils, physically extracted by steam or cold pressing from plants [almost always organically grown].


Can children use the range?

Yes, we recommend that children can use the range from the age of 12, to help maintain healthy, calm and clear skin during the hormonal phase and prevent skin flare-ups.


Is Frank’s Remedies products vegan?

Our entire skin range is vegan


Where are you stocked? 

Wolf & Badger, Curate Beauty, Amazon UK, Love Lula, Man Organic, Oxygen Boutique, 


Can I collaborate with you on Instagram / on my blog?

We would be pleased to discuss this with you!

Please DM us @franksremedies or email info@franksremedies.com and we will let you know if we think there is a good match


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