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Based on 134 reviews
Great results in a short time

I started using this mask about two weeks ago and have noticed so many positive changes to my skin, breakouts reduced and gone so quickly and a healthier overall glow. Thank you!


I have found these products simple to use and effective

Great for stabilising your face

I am 72 and use a couple of other companies. Franks is always my go to hero when my skin is not at its best.

Spot on!

I bought this kit for my grandson who is 14 and have seen such an improvement in his skin within a few days of using the products, he seems more confident as well now his skin looks clear and fresh, I would highly recommend Frank's Remedies and will definitely be purchasing again 👍

Chinny Onwudinjor

I have had very severe acne/spots, started using the product in August 2022, my face is not perfect yet but I have had tremendous changes since I started using the product. Thank you

Game changer!!!

My daughter has been using the products for just one week and can really see a difference! Very pleased!!

Rebecca Allison
Transformed my skin

I can't believe how much one single product can transform my skin so much! I suffer with really bad scarring and flare ups of acne that was so painful. Since using this product, it's calmed down so much. I find when I have an angry spot on my face, I pop this on overnight and in the morning... it's gone! I am so grateful for this product, and will be most definitely stocking up - I'm in awe

Islay McLeod
Brilliant product for problem skin!

I got this in my Indy Box and love it. Have had troublesome skin recently - seems to flare up at this time of year - and this really helped calm it down. Smells good and feels so smooth and hydrating on the skin. Would definitely recommend!

Best product ever used.

I received the antioxidant face gel as part of The Indy Box and it is one of the nicest products in have used in a long time. I dont have skin that is prone to breakouts but my skin is quite oily by nature. This gel soaks in quickly so I can use another product on top or as a stand alone product. It has a lovely fresh feeling when on the skin, I am truly impressed. Very keen to continue using in the future


I got this in my Indy box and gave it to my other half and he has been using it every day. What a difference it has made to his skin. He has struggled for many years, just like Frank did and this is the best product he has ever come across to help!

mia - Carra Gibbs
Cleared my acne!

I recently have had a really bad flare up of acne along my jawline. Really sore red bumps. This gel initially helped clam down the spots and over time has helped the acne clear up and is leaving my skin underneath feeling very healthy! I am very impressed with this product!

Cathy Peacock
Soothing clearing face cream

I buy for my grandson 19 who uses it constantly. He finds it soothing and very helpful for his acne.


Received this in my Indy Box and have loved using it. It has honestly made me feel so much better about my skin and enjoy taking my time to make skin care real self care

Gracie Walters
Amazing, I don't think ill use another moisturiser again

I have been using this face cream for around 8 months & I absolutely love it! It lasts for around 4 months before I have to buy a new one and I love how it feels on my skin! You definitely get your money's worth and I totally love how it is natural

Cathy Peacock
Clearing Essentials

I buy this for my grandson who is a student and loves all your products to keep his acne moisterised

Olivia Griffiths
Just Lovely

Smooth lather which enables you to massage well into the skin. I then use the face gel, the two go hand in hand and I love them.

Jane Wright
Have a base in france

Your products are amazing but buying them in France means franks remedies become very expensive for my daughters budget. I’m sure threes a market here for you as the product speaks for itself.

Good stuff

Gives face a good clean feeling , clears skin and gives good soft feeling

Favourite cleanser in a travel size!

I already love this cleanser and it really has made a difference to my skin and back’ne! Now it’s in a travel size I don’t need to decanter it (which is a pain!) and if you are yet to try this cleanser, get this size and give it a try. I can guarantee you’ll buy the full size cleanser!

maleika harrower
miracle in a bottle!

is hydrates my skin and gives it an amazing glow !

Can't be without it

I am so thankful for Frank's Remedies - I recently ran out of face wash and then disaster way of multiple spots to my face! When I don't use these products I really notice the deterioration of my skin. The face wash and sundrops are my EVERYDAY ESSENTIAL items and make a huge difference to my skin and confidence! I am newbie to the cream but so far, I love it - this Glow Kit is such good value for money too! Thank you!

Love this cleanser

Perfect size for travelling

Amazing product

My daughter suffered from terrible acne. I saw this product on a TV show and thought I would try it. The transformation has been amazing. Just wish there was a product to help the scarring left.

Travel handy daily help for the face

Good for everyday or just for breakouts

I have not received it yet 😩

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