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Based on 163 reviews
Michael Hart
It works….

Simply everything described/detailed about these products actually transpires with use; no over promising, they do exactly what it says - all 3 are terrific.

Superb product

This face wash is lovely and gentle. It does not sting my eyes. Excellent makeup remover. I would recommend this face wash.

So nice fresh smell ✨

I love this so nice fresh smell of citrus!
I’m live in Brazil and when the day really hot and sweaty, this makes me feel so fresh! But skin gets soft and hydrated too.

Claire Crawley
New, happy, user

I've just started using these products and am already seeing the benefit. I wasn't sure that I am the target audience (being 65 +years) but it's working for me.

Microexfoliant - it was a free gift!

I placed my first order for face wash and sundrops oil and didn't realise this was a free gift as I missed the email telling me about it. So I thought they had made a mistake and I was committing fraud! But it's great. It's a micro-exfoliant, so, gentle but satisfyingly effective. Thank you Frank.

Delicate, careful cleaning without drying

I like it and you can tell it's not water-based. The main ingredient is aloe vera water / extract and this should help clean without stripping away too much of the skin's natural barrier.

Miracle serum

I bought the serum as I had an acne flair, existing scarring and my skin had felt dehydrated. This little bottle is magical! I have been using it each night for about 2 weeks along with the face wash, toner and moisturiser but noticed a difference within days. Scarring has almost gone, active acne stopped, and my skin is clear and glows. I have used expensive products for years to no avail. Wish I'd found these products sooner!

Such notable results

Been using Frank’s for years, since I was about 13, and I’ve really noticed how if I ever get a pimple, it’s so much less inflamed and manageable much quicker than before I started using Frank’s. I would confidently say this has reduced my breakouts growing up 100%. I swear by these products and now I’m older I really love that they are ethical throughout their lifecycle.

Paula Sampson
Starter kit Good results so far

I bought the starter kit for one of my twin sons and it really is starting to clear up his skin and his skin looks really soft and healthy so I have just ordered another set for him and one for his twin brother. Really impressed so far.

Best thing for my 20 yr old granddaughter’s skin now the spots have appeared. It’s the only thing that helps she said.


OMG!!! Where has this face wash been all of my life lol
I’ve have tried so many different brands from high end to inexpensive yet this Miracle Waters is absolutely is absolutely the best for my skin. It’s refreshing, gentle and smells so fresh. I’m hooked 😊

Mia - Carra Gibbs
Good for acne!

Love this cleanser for helping to clear up my acne around my forehead and nose! I have very pale & sensitive skin and this is so calming as well!

great cleanser

This is the first time using this brand as I received the cleanser in my Indy box.
The cleanser smells gorgeous and makes my skin feel squeaky clean and fresh. Will repurchase.

Perfect for this 52yo man!

I've cycled though loads of moisturisers and face gels in my 52 years on this planet - and I can say genuinely, hand on heart, that Frank's Remedies are the best, They have transformed my skin in a few short weeks, from red, blotchy and flaky to smooth, visibly even and fresh looking. I'm not saying I've been transformed into a supermodel or anything but these have really done the trick. I'm using the face wash, treatment gel and clearing face cream, morning and night, and they are settling in so well on my skin. So many other products seem to work for a few days and then overload my skin and I have to stop using them. I've been using Frank's Remedies for three weeks and so far the improvement has been amazing. I really hope you never stop making these products Mr Frank!

Excellent product. I am a 56 year old dude that does focus too much on skin care. Admittedly, even I have noticed a difference in weeks.

Alice Nicholson

I met you at Happy Place festival! I have acne prone skin. This is the best face wash I have had. Thank you so much

malcolm reynolds
Good when you can get it out of the bottle

the dropper in my bottle didn’t work (I DIDN’T shake it) so now i have to apply by finger- not a biggie but i got zero help from the customer services.

Love this

All of these items are cooling, which I love. I have combination skin and use the cleanser nightly. The pore-reducing gel is great for my nose and chin, and the cream is great for the rest of my face. Took me a bit to get used to the scent of the cream, but totally worth it. It's nice to have a moisturizing option that is thicker than what's typically offered for oily skin and yet does not promote breakouts.

This is our go to, can't live without it!

We love using this product. So reliable, fab results!

Excellent for cystic acne

Where has this been all my life? I use this as a spot treatment for hormonal cystic acne, letting it dry for a bit and then wiping off with a wet washcloth. Works great!

Feels great too, and does not overdry pimples~ although I did find it too drying for other parts of my combination skin.

Customer J. Collins.
Review for face wash.

I have rosacea and general reactive skin. This face wash has,nd upset my skin and i,ve had a good, kind reaction to the wash. My skin is clear and calm with no redness. Result!

Nothing else is as kind to my skin

When we ran out of Franks care items, we used up some items in the bathroom. This soon lead to skin break outs. Those items have been donated to the recycling bin and Frank thank you for the quick postage of our order. My skin is back on track looking healthy and happy.


I have been using this face wash for a few years now it works really well on my post menopausal skin, my husband (in his 60's) doesn't like to use anything other than Franks face wash and I recently gave a bottle to my nephew (age 21) it suits his troubled skin. We think its wonderful

Juan Vivanco
Excellent cream

My son is using a week this cream and we can see the results more quickly than we expected so just we can said is a fantastic product.

Great results in a short time

I started using this mask about two weeks ago and have noticed so many positive changes to my skin, breakouts reduced and gone so quickly and a healthier overall glow. Thank you!

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