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"I’ve always had good skin; even as a teenager I never had to worry about it. Yes, of course, I had occasional spots, but I never had bad skin…until I hit my forties!   

I was run down, stressed at work and inevitably ended up with a flu-type virus. I started to get spots that almost looked like a rash, on my nose, chin and cheeks. I put it down to being unwell and assumed it would clear up when I started to recover.  

The cold came and went, but the skin problem went from bad to worse. The spots were like tiny blisters, red and angry, creating dry patches and flaky skin. Make-up made it look worse and nothing seemed to help.  I felt paranoid, ugly and like I needed to explain it to my friends and colleagues because I felt so self-conscious.  

I was so desperate that literally spent hundreds of pounds on luxury skin products that all promised to renew, clear and hydrate. Nothing made a difference. 

I changed my diet. I stopped drinking. Nothing changed.  

And then I met Kyle Frank… 

Immediately, he said that he thought I had rosacea. I dismissed it. My mother had suffered from rosacea for years and it looked different, plus she was more than twenty years older than me and there was no way I could have it!  

I took myself off to the doctor and demanded a blood test, convinced that I was going through an early menopause. My hormones were normal.  The doctor also said that they thought it was rosacea and that it was very unlikely to clear up. I was devastated - my mum had spent a small fortune having laser treatment on Harley Street years before, and still suffered. 

I was mortified. I was due to start a new job in a couple of weeks; an office full of young and trendy creatives, and there was me, rocking up with my rosacea face. Great.  

Although Frank’s Remedies weren’t designed for rosacea, I decided to give it a go. It was all natural and surely couldn’t make my skin any worse? 

And boy am I glad I did. I am not exaggerating when I say that within days my skin started to clear and had completely gone by the time I started my new job.  

I did have a small breakout a couple of weeks’ in, but I continued to with the product and it cleared within a few days - I’ve not had any issues since. It’s been about six months now, and all the marks that I got from the spots before have disappeared.  I obviously got my mum to try it and, after all that money she spent on private dermatologists, it’s worked for her too! 

I know that for some people these products may be expensive, but for those people, I would say this: 

  • Compared to many premium skincare products they are not expensive 
  • This is the only brand that I’ve tried that has worked 
  • They last for months 
  • If you suffer from bad skin, and are feeling self-conscious about it, you’d pay anything to have clear skin! 
  • The ingredients are hand-made, of a high quality, are all natural and sustainable – it’s worth the premium. Not only is it more time consuming and expensive to make, but you’re also not putting toxins into your body through your skin  

I am convinced by the product. If you’re experiencing rosacea, please give it a go. I was lucky that it worked quite quickly for me, but all skin types are different, so stick with it. I couldn’t recommend these products highly enough."

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