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Having developed acne later than my peers, it was a difficult & lonely time navigating what skincare was & how I could help my skin. I would buy a basket of new skincare products every month that claimed to clean & clear, but nothing really worked or solved the actual issue.


After a few years of struggling & my condition worsening, I visited my GP.  He confirmed & diagnosed me with adult acne and put me on a course of topical & oral medications.  These were changed & swapped for other treatments when they were not working. As a last resort, I was referred to a dermatologist who prescribed Isotretinoin also known as Roaccutane. I had a terrible experience with all the harsh side effects and could quickly see that just like the other prescriptions, it was doing a lot more damage than good.   I immediately stopped all medications & embarked on my own journey to create a natural, kinder solution.


I started by speaking to dermatologists, pharmacists, skin experts, reading antiquated literature from the 1800’s & researching how other cultures around the world approached acne. I then began travelling to some of those countries, learning about innovative balancing ingredients that weren’t typically associated with spot clearing products in the UK. I documented all my learnings & used my acne skin state to test calming ingredients with multiple skin benefits and ruled out any that would make my skin reactive or uncomfortable.  I then started formulating.


Through much trial & error, I created 5 skincare products alongside a carefully designed routine that started to clear & calm my skin in just a few weeks. With continued use, I also saw that it helped resurface my acne scars, smooth my skin texture, brighten the stubborn blemishes I had – but most importantly achieve a balanced skin state, that looked bright & healthy.


With the products successfully transforming my skin, and that of my peers from my University, I decided to launch Frank’s Remedies to help others who suffer with a similar experience & seek a real solution.


Gentle yet effective, pure, clean & vegan, the range has evolved to help remedy signs of stress including congestion, redness, pimples, flaking & flare ups.  Improving skin health & the appearance of blemishes with brightening, repairing, natural & skin kind actives for all ages & ethnicities.


[Founder + formulator]


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