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Fantastic to welcome Oxygen boutique as a stockist.

Oxygen boutique’s is based in Central London and products can also be purchased online.

Check out my Q&A Oxygen Boutique:

When did you know you wanted to start your own skincare brand?

I realised when people started becoming interested in my skincare routine, and everyone was surprised to know I had cystic acne.
In the beginning, I was only making products mainly for myself, and a few friends and family - people started asking if I could make them products too. I saw what a positive effect the products was having on peoples acne & blemishes, and how much they appreciated the products and thanked me for making it and helping clear their skin. 

Do you have a favourite product on the line? 

They are all my favourite! But if I had to pick one for this given time, I would have to say the CALMING Facial Spritz, I have really sensitive skin and while travelling underground on the tube and around London it can be really polluted.
My skin often gets irritated, so I always carry the Facial Spritz with me to calm my skin and add hydration through out the day.

What is your everyday skincare routine?

I use my range as my everyday skincare routine. I start with the MIRACLE WATERS Face Wash, and then tone with the CALMING Facial Spritz using a cotton pad. While my face is still damp, I pat the ANTIXODANT Face Gel into my skin until it dries and become slightly tacky. I next finish my routine with the CLEARING Face Cream. 

Why is it important to you that your products are raw, natural and organic? 

Nature’s ingredients are the best; I mean you can’t beat it! The benefits plant power can provide are truly remarkable and I am strong advocate for what positive effects they can have. The skin is the largest organ of the body and its important to be aware what you’re putting onto your skin, as your skin is also absorbing it. Which is why I believe raw, natural and organic are essential factors in skincare.

Have you witnessed success with the ‘The Glow Up Project’ ?

Yes – THE GLOW UP has been going so well! Already we have worked with over 150 young people and impacted each one in a positive way. With our positive self esteem workshop, one young student in particular truly began to recognise her talents, and in turn this made her much more confident in her School studies - with an improvement in grades, and becoming more social amongst her peers.

Are you planning to launch another line of products?

Yes – there will be some exclusive product releases in the next few months. I can’t wait to be able to share it, I may be a bit bias but the products are really outstanding and effective. I’ve been giving some of the new products to close friends, family and customers to try. And 100% of them have seen an improvement with their skin. One secret I can share is that the new products launching will be helping complete the acne, scars & marks range!

Have you changed your diet at all to help your skin? 

Yes – I drink water more often, alongside Aloe Vera and Soursop juice and cut out as much sugar as I can.

What is the best way to prevent blackheads and spots?

Keeping up with your skincare routine, and masking with a detoxifying facemask regularly (2-3times a week). Also keeping hydrated from the inside is really important – water!

Is it okay to squeeze spots? 

I get asked this question so many times. It is a tough one, in my opinion I always usually leave it to its job, and for me a spot usually will go hard and eventually fall off. However I think it is ok to squeeze, ONLY if there if there is a head to the spot, this means it should be ready to extract. 

From a professional approach it has been said it is best use a sterilised needle/pin to make a small opening, to then release the contents of the spot, so it does not spread underneath the skin.

Should I apply sun cream before or after using the products?

Sunscreen can applied 2 ways. The first is by mixing a small amount with with the CLEARING Face Cream. Or secondly, by applying the spf after you have moisturised, with a gentle patting motion.

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