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"Amazing results" - Sandra, UK Customer
"Miracle stuff" - Beverley, UK Customer
"The few spots I had dried up within a few days" - Bev, UK Customer
"My skin feels fresher and glows" - Gaynor, UK Customer
"So gentle on the skin" - Elizabeth, UK Customer

100% Vegan Skincare



✔️ Cleanses trapped pores to help remove bacteria, toxins & environmental pollutants

✔️ Draws out deep impurities to clear spots underneath the surface for a smoother complexion

✔️ X2 exfoliation helps polish the skin’s surface layer, buffing away dead skin cells for radiant skin

enriched lava ash, tumeric, activated charcoal + salicylic acid

blind spots congestion razor bumps spot prone

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Draws out deep impurities to clear clogged pores, decongest & resurface skin, with 2 types of exfoliation (bha & physical) that help maximise skin clarity & promote a radiant complexion.

40g | 1.41 fl. oz

Natural benefits

• Moroccan Lava Ash – natural cleanser, helps remove excess sebum, bacteria & toxins

• Activated Charcoal cleanly sourced from coconut shells – unplugs blocked pores, by absorbing deep impurities & excess oil

• Salicylic Acid naturally sourced from willow bark – exfoliates surface layer of the skin to clear stubborn blemishes & reveal natural glow

• Indian Turmeric – powerful anti-inflammatory & ancient skin glow-giver. Helps reduce appearance of blemishes & dark marks while reviving depleted complexions

How to use


Add 1 cap full of remedy powder & place in bowl. *Add 1 teaspoon of water to bowl & mix. Once paste texture is achieved, apply to face with finger tips or brush, avoiding immediate eye area.

Mask colour will change when maximum efficacy has been reached.

Rinse off with lukewarm water, pat dry & follow with your facial moisturiser.

*Tailorable skin benefits – activate face mask with water (best for sensitive skin); rose water for added hydration or apple cider vinegar for the deepest detox


Dispense a cap full of remedy powder onto very wet hands & create a creamy paste by rubbing hands together. Apply to face & massage gently for 30-60 seconds.

*Rinse off as above. Or leave on for a further 5-10 minuets for enhanced results & face mask benefits.

Tips from customers

• Can be used as a post shave treatment to clean pores by clearing blockages, helping prevent razor bumps & future breakouts

• Use remedy an SOS cleanse (*see how to use) if you wake up with irritable skin, it has no harsh actives & is 100% natural


Kaolin, Rhassoul Clay, Activated Charcoal Powder, Turmeric (Ground) Powder, Salicylic acid, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Powder.

'Detox mask'

"It is Amazzzzzing, wonders for my oily and large pore skin, bought 2 one for my daughter and myself" - Bev, UK Customer

Social Impact - Your custom helps support school students

Our profits go into help funding, Frank's Glow Up Project. An AQA accredited in-school wellness program, helping address body image concerns & low self esteem for 11- 15 year olds - supporting them to be the best version of themselves! | Find out more

Accelerate results with:

Good to know

• 100% natural with zero fragrance. Waterless for maximum efficacy & crafted to give you a fresh facial treatment every time

• Mask changes colour when area of skin has been detoxed

• Lasts on average 6 months, when used 3 times a week

• Free from GMO’s, parabens, mineral oils & harsh ingredient actives

• Tested on humans, not animals. Proudly crafted in the UK


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Your products are so amazing and work so well! my skin feels so healthy using your products compared to store bought!! Thank you

Gracie, UK
customer review

"I cannot get enough of this stuff!!!"

Brooke, UK
customer review

How does it work?

All our formulas focus on all 4 skin clearing stages simultaneously

This multi-benefit helps transform skin in a shorter period of time & help you attain the skin you've always wanted.

Indonesian Activated Charcoal

Traditionally used as anti-dote to poison, its use dates back from around 30,000 BC. It was & still is made from coal & peat which can be known to be damaging to the environment. Plus, not the best for your skin!

Our Charcoal is cleanly & sustainably sourced from Coconut shells, its benefits help absorb toxins in pores, unplug trapped debris while reducing excess oil for clearer, fresher skin.

Indian Turmeric

This ancient skin glow-giver was & is still traditionally used by Indian brides to look their best before their wedding ceremony due to its purification, cleansing & brightening skin benefits. It’s natural powerful anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the appearance of blemishes & dark marks, while reviving depleted complexions.


How do the products work?

Our experience led formulas are crafted with nature and ancient wisdoms - using the Earth’s most effective ingredients that have demonstrated efficacy through thousands of years & are backed, and verified by extensive global research

How long does it take to see results?

Our customers have said to have seen a difference in their skin immediately after using, by looking more healthy in appearance. However, it normally takes 28 days for the skin to go through a full regeneration cycle to see optimum results

Can you use Frank’s Remedies underneath make up?

Absolutely, our customers do this & say it helps treat, protect and also minimise the effect make up can have on stressed / spot prone skin

Can I get free advice on what products are best for my skin?

Absolutely, Frank’s Remedies has a hotline for just this! Message a skin guide on WhatsApp: +44 7838 025541 or 


Concern: Hormonal breakouts Results in 2 1/2 months

Uses: Skin SOS Kit

“I never knew what to do when I started to get acne, it was a bit shocking as it came up all of a sudden. I love the products, and I am happy my skin is clear and I feel really confident now.” - Alana, 16, UK

Concern: Spot Prone Results in 2 months

Uses: Face Wash, Treatment gel, Moisturiser & Mask

"I had a lot of red spottish marks under my skin for years. I’ve been using franks remedies for about six months now and within the first two weeks all of the red marks surfaced. I washed with the miracle waters face wash every morning and every night as well as spritzed with the calming face spritz and I creamed with the clearing face cream (which actually does clear!) - Aysha, 20's, UK

Concern: Adult Acne Results in 2 weeks

Uses: Ready Steady Clear Kit

"Thank you! My skin has never been better for a long time. I am a man of 50 years and suffered with adult acne." - Paul, 50, UK

Concern: Oily/Congestion
Results in 2 months

Uses: Clearing Essentials Kit

“These remedies have been a saviour - the blemishes on my forehead are gone. Thank you so much for creating them, they help keep my skin in check and make my skin glow. Really quick and easy to use too.” - Alex, 22, UK


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Guided by experience

Stress skin specialist | Our formulations are crafted using ancient wisdoms, founder first-hand experience, with efficacy backed by ethnographic & scientific research

Ethical & responsible

100% vegan skincare. We craft waterless formulas (where suitable), with ethical & sustainable ingredient sourcing & fully recyclable or biodegradable packaging

Social impact

We support 11-15 year old students with mental wellness, through our AQA accredited in-school program. Along with helping to improve the lives of young people

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Excellent for cystic acne

Where has this been all my life? I use this as a spot treatment for hormonal cystic acne, letting it dry for a bit and then wiping off with a wet washcloth. Works great!

Feels great too, and does not overdry pimples~ although I did find it too drying for other parts of my combination skin.

Great results in a short time

I started using this mask about two weeks ago and have noticed so many positive changes to my skin, breakouts reduced and gone so quickly and a healthier overall glow. Thank you!

Bev R
Detox mask

It is Amazzzzzing, wonders for my oily and large pore skin, bought 2 one for my daughter and myself

Sandra Worthington
Fab face mask

Bought two of these for my grandson, my daughter took one for herself. Both found the face mask amazing skin felt fantastic.

Camila McHugh



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